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Swifter Wire Inspection and Repairs


LBS Log Bundling Supplies - Swifter Repairs

Swifter wire inspection and repairing is a cost effective way to maximize the life span of a either a 3/4” or 5/8” swifter wire. LBS Log Bundling Supplies developed and follows an industry standard to insure all swifter wires are repaired correctly for all applications. When a swifter wire is brought to our manufacturing facility each wire is undone and inspected for the following; wire breaks, missing hardware, broken or damaged eyes, correct length, correct placement and condition of repair sleeves and overall condition of the swifter wire. Any swifter wire that pass our inspection are then coiled and repainted the appropriate colour. Our technicians will then repair any flaws by cutting out damaged wire or sleeves and repair, replace and/or add missing hardware. Repairing swifter wires costs significantly less money than purchasing new swifter wires. Once completed, reconditioned swifter wires can then be reused in the industry.