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Boom Gear Management

LBS Log Bundling Supplies continues to improve and simplify boom gear management. LBS can help your business track and manage boom gear in a simple, efficient and cost effective manner. We treat our customers’ boom gear as if it’s money in a bank account. Our boom gear management system chronically records client’s boom gear transactions and allows our clients to manage their boom gear with very little effort.

Each specifically coded account details such information as:

  • Incoming shipment dates
  • Pick up locations
  • Shipping Counts
  • Actual Counts
  • Swifter sizes i.e.: 3/4” or 5/8”
  • Boom chain grade i.e.: #1, #2 or Cull
  • Internal boom gear transfers and returns
  • Outgoing shipment dates
  • Monthly balances


Each account can be setup to accommodate your specific requirements which will save your business time and money. Additionally, we can complete boom gear transfers to our other clients’ accounts internally within minutes. We store our client's boom gear in a fully secured and monitored 1 acre storage facility. Account updates and balances can be electronically sent or faxed upon request or sent out automatically each month.