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Boom Chain Inspections

Boom Chain Sorting

Boom chains inspection is a cost effective way to manage your used boom chains. Log Bundling Supplies developed and follows an industry standard to insure all boom chains are inspected into 3 categories. Chains are inspected into #1 condition, #2 or Medium condition and Cull.

#1 boom chains are boom chains have near new breaking strength. #1 boom chains have very little wear on links, the ring and toggle are in perfect condition and these chains are reusable in all environments.

#2 or Medium boom chains typically have some wear in the links and the toggle/ring may have some wear. These chains are better suited for use in a less strenuous application. Typically used in rivers, small boom, or short tow applications.

Cull boom chains are chains that have significant wear. These chains are typically have one or more of the following attributes; links have less than 1/2” of material left, the ring is elongated, the toggle has been restricted and/or the chain has been broken. These chains have no safe useable application and no longer have any value.