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LBS Log Bundling Supplies has been providing the forest industry with superior quality products and professional since 1983. As an integral part of the forest industry, we strive to continuously develop new innovative products that will reduce your costs and increase efficiencies for your company.

LBS Log Bundling Supplies Truck

LBS Log Bundling Supplies inventories a variety of products such as wire rope, swifter wires, boom chains, log bundling strand, aluminum sleeves, crimpers, chains and rigging products. We also offer numerous cost effective recycled and used products such as recycled bundling strand, used wire rope, reconditioned swifter wires, inspected boom chains and slings.

At Log Bundling Supplies we take as much pride in our services as we do in our products. Such as our boom gear management system. Our boom gear management system chronically records client’s boom gear transactions providing our customers with clear, efficient and easy to read statements. Each account can be set up to accommodate your specific requirements saving your business time and money. Additionally we can complete boom gear transfers to our other clients’ accounts internally within minutes. Log Bundling Supplies also offers a fully secured and monitored 1 acre storage facility for all of your boom gear storage requirements.

For your custom rigging and wire rope requirements, our state of the art manufacturing facility is staffed with experienced and trained technicians. Our in house testing facility insures all work completed will meet your specific safety requirements. If you have any questions about how we can help save your business time and money. If you would like a tour of our facility, please feel to contact us at anytime.